Acoustics Specialists

QClad have invested heavily in developing our acoustic panel capability. Mainly focussed on Durra Panel manufactured by one of our keystone partners Ortech Industries. Our track record of execution has made QClad one of the foremost Ortech deployment partners in the country. Our collaboration has resulted in the continued refinement and optimisation of the installation process, from traditional stick built methods to panelising roof and wall sections in excess of 100m2. We are providing for our customers up to a 90% reduction in work at heights and panel installation timeframes of hours not days. Where improved safety, fast installation and flexibility in approach are important the QClad and Ortech partnership deliver.

From the Perth City Centre to the remote gas fields of the Bowen Basin in Queensland, QClad and Ortech have the track record, experience and capability to deliver. With features such as high grade acoustic control, quick installation and trafficable when designed as an internal ceiling, we believe Ortech Industries and QClad are the best partnership to manufacture and deploy best in class products with the highest performance benchmarks, unparalleled flexibility and in the safest, most efficient way possible.

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