What our customers have to say about QClad

QCLAD undertook the supply and construction of cladding on a number of structures on a minesite for us in the Northern Territory. The team at QCLAD were very responsive to our tight schedule with support from their Managing Director Carl Sharp, through to their Project Manager Mick Halligan, and Site Supervisor Nathan Carter. The team were quick to highlight upfront any foreseen issues with the design and availability of materials.

The crew performed very well in meeting our schedule, and their safety was well recognised, especially by our client and the Mine operations personnel.

The main structure involved some 6,000m2 of cladding on a 30 deg pitch and the crew had an efficient and safe method for installing the cladding. They performed well especially considering the weather conditions of Northern Territory in summer.

“The efforts, support and professionalism that QClad has shown on the Northern Water Treatment Plant Project has been exceptional and first class. I’m pleased to say that you have showed patience and a “one team” approach which is crucial to the success on every project. It was great to see the organisations’ ability to be proactive in all aspects of your work, which is a true indicator that you are leading the way in the industry in your field.”

“We would like to point out to any interested party, that in our estimation, QClad’s standard of work is first class and their attention to detail regarding safety is to be acknowledged.”

“QClad have worked for us on a number of occasions and are a preferred contractor for any roofing and cladding works on our projects.”

“It has been a pleasure working with QClad and we look forward to future commitments with them.”

“Having QClad’s team on site was a bonus, with their involvement with safety and overall proactive attitude to site conditions on a major project. They got on with the job and worked well with all our team. And the planning undertaken by their team to set up 2 different mobile scaffolds for differing solutions to access problems showed real acceptance to overcome safety concerns, but at same time initiative to reduce their own  time and costs.”

After a selection process by the owners, the insurance company and myself as project site supervisor, QClad were engaged in late 2013 to completely replace the roof, walls, purlins and girts of a significant proportion of Wivenhoe Power Station. This project was extremely challenging given that the facility is operational and suspended over Lake Wivenhoe, so we were very selective in choosing the right partner to complete these works.

From the very beginning as site supervisor I was impressed with QClad’s approach. We discussed scheduled work and the possibility of issues with other contractors in the limited space available for multiple contractors and always found a way to resolve any issues. Their experienced tradesmen, under the leadership of Dan Halligan, QClad’s Project Supervisor, spent the time to assess each work front and develop the optimal methodology to complete the work in the quickest and safest manner possible and avoid problems with other work in progress. When issues arose we discussed them and always came to a practical, joint solution. They employed a wide range of access methods to keep the work flowing smoothly, from EWPs to swing stages, a track mounted tower crane and dog boxes. They always discussed upcoming work well in advance, which meant I didn’t have to spend hands on time managing their activities, rather I could focus on ensuring the other critical tasks surrounding this body of work went smoothly. QClad had a clear understanding of our timeline, commercial and safety expectations and worked productively and consciously to ensure these were met or exceeded. There were very few claims for additional work and when submitted the additional work claims were always justified.

I would have no hesitation in recommending QClad as a quality roofing and cladding installer. QClad will be considered for any future works.