Project Methodology and Approach

Flexibility and Scale

Commercial, Industrial, Mining, Energy

Projects completed by QClad include commercial, industrial, mining, health and education. Our highly skilled, tight knit team have a long average tenure and a wealth of experience across the full gamut of roofing, cladding and acoustics installation. We are continually training and up-skilling our people to keep pace with the latest developments in systems, process and emerging technologies.

Keeping our core team utilised, trained and focused ensures we are able to deliver predictably and reliably for our customers. Keeping a broad spectrum of skills in house represents value to our clients who require a broad range of capabilities to get the job done. Whether the project involves traditional roofing and cladding or requires more specialist skills, such as overland conveyor systems, zero access off shore work or thermal/acoustic insulation panelisation we have the experience our customers depend on to get the job done.


Safety is our priority

Making sure we get our people home safely is integral to everything we do. Our team is well versed in our operations manual that clearly articulates our safety and quality strategy. We don’t cut corners on safety for profit and our people and customers benefit as a result. As a cornerstone to the QClad way, we’ll continue to promote a culture of innovation to protect and enhance our impeccable reputation for safety and quality in the industry.

QClad - Industrial Roofing